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About Roadrunner Glass Inc

About Us | Roadrunner Glass Inc - Corpus Christi, TX

We have been in business for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on quality and professionalism. We are confident in recommending exactly what the customer needs, and are able to recommend various budget-friendly options as well. We can assist you with insurance claims, provide necessary documentation, and do it all with our expertise in the industry.

You can’t trust your glass repair or replacement to just anyone. Did you know that all auto repairs are regulated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)? We here at Roadrunner Glass Inc. in Corpus Christi are well aware of all federal regulations that govern the repairs surrounding windshields and windows. All of our professionals are thoroughly trained and understand the importance of adhering to regulations when working on automotive glass.

There are different types of glass that are used depending on the type of window being replaced. Laminated safety glass is always used for windshields, and tempered glass, designed to break apart in large, safe chunks if necessary, is almost always used in side windows.

It’s vital not to put off repairing cracks or dings in your auto glass. Small cracks can get bigger quickly, and once the crack is over a certain length, it can’t be patch-repaired, and will need to be replaced. Do you have that one little ding that you’ve been thinking about getting fixed for a while now? Don’t let it wait any longer! Call now for more information.