Auto Glass Repair

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Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair | Roadrunner Glass Inc - Corpus Christi, TX

Any window has the potential to be broken, not just windshields. Having fully sealed side windows provides safety and protection for the interior of your car, and can even protect the passengers from UV rays.

Our trained repair and replacement technicians are able to find the right shape and exact fit for your car, no matter the make or model. Don’t worry about any decal or parking permit that may be on the window – our auto glass repair service includes the ability to transfer these decals to your new window. We also can match your current tinting or UV protective qualities.

How about those rear windows? Though rear windows are a little more complex, we are more than up to the challenge of ensuring things like defrost or other technological aspects remain intact. During our auto glass repair process, we will remove the damaged glass and vacuum any shards that may remain inside the car or on the upholstery, assuring you and your passengers’ peace of mind.

We ensure that the quality of the replaced glass is equal to or better than your original glass, and as always, matches FMVSS regulations.

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