Windshield Replacement & Repair

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Windshield Replacement & Repair

Windshield Replacement & Repair | Roadrunner Glass Inc - Corpus Christi, TX

A windshield repair is less time-consuming than a full replacement. Our technicians are trained to recognize whether you need a full replacement, or if a spot or crack repair will do. If a spot repair is all you need, your vehicle will be safe to drive right away. A repair is a less expensive option than a full replacement. We will inject a clear resin into the damaged area to fill in chips, up to the size of a quarter, and cracks, up to the length of a dollar bill. When the resin is cured, you can hardly see the original damage.

In the event that you do need a full windshield replacement, Roadrunner Glass Inc. is fully equipped to provide just that. Your windshield is designed to keep you and your passengers safely inside the car in the event of an impact. It is designed to crack, not shatter, in order to protect the occupants of the vehicle. With such precious cargo, all of our technicians take our work very seriously. We know that, quite literally, your life is in our hands in the event of a collision.

Did you know that your windshield is considered a safety device on your car, just like an airbag or a seatbelt? The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act prohibits for anyone to return your car for use unless all safety devices are fully operational. Since your windshield is one of these safety devices, your car cannot be safely driven until the special adhesive we use has had enough time to dry and cure, and to meet FMVSS requirements.

Another little-known fact is that your windshield must withstand the rapid inflation of both driver and passenger side airbags. The passenger side airbag inflates quickly upward, hitting the windshield at speeds of nearly 200 mph. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards require windshield adhesives to be nearly six times stronger for cars with passenger side airbags.

When it comes to windshield repair, it is not as simple as just cutting the old adhesive, lifting the old glass out, replacing it and re-gluing. Rather, there is a fair amount of skill and craftsmanship involved. The old adhesive has to be carefully shaved down to 1/16” and the glass has to fit snugly into the “pinchweld” (the metal frame of the vehicle). Our technicians cut the old adhesive to 1/16” in order to provide the best possible bonding surface for the new adhesive and windshield.

If we remove too much adhesive or not enough adhesive, it does not allow for the best bonding surface and this jeopardizes the safest windshield placement possible. Specialized knowledge makes us the best and most knowledgeable in the Corpus Christi area with your windshield repair and replacement. Why trust your windshield, and your life, to anyone less careful and qualified? Call us for your windshield repair and replacement needs.